Ehpro Raptor Replacement Mesh Coil

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Single Coil Resistance:
0.15 Ohm
Dual Coil Resistance:
0.25 Ohm
Single Coil Watt:
Dual Coil Watt:
Ehpro Raptor Replacement Coil UK

Ehpro Raptor Replacement Coil

Ehpro Raptor Replacement Mesh Coil is first ever sea grass fiber cotton coil. Due to lower cost of sea grass the Raptor coil is also cheaper as compare to any other cotton coil in market. The sea grass has also very short duration of growing so the new Raptor Sea Grass Coil will have unlimited supply. Beside these things it is also discovered that sear grass fiber can bring massive cloud and natural flavor. It also extended the output life of the coil. The Ehpro Raptor Replacement coil is stronger, cheaper and more durable as compare to the ordinary cotton coils.

Sea Grass Coil Specs

3 pieces in on packet
Range of resistance with single coil 0.15 ohm
Resistance with dual coil is 0.25 ohm
Wattage with single coil 40-70w
Wattage with dual coil 60-80w