Joyetech Atopack Magic Starter Kit

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Liquid Capacity:
Cartridge 7ml
Chargeable 1300mAh
Heating Element:
NCFilm Heater
Micro USB Port
Joyetech Atopack Magic Starter Kit UK

Joyetech Atopack Magic Starter Kit

Joyetech Atopack Magic Starter Kit introducing a innovative coil-less NCFilm heater in a creative way into a POD. The heater is expected to be work for a long life span with dense cloud production. Atopack Kit consist of 1300mAh huge battery capacity, it is pared with Joyetech ultra low voltage solution that making the battery lasts longer.

With a help of NCFilm heater it can produce rich flavor where it can be compatible with nicotine salts. The Joyetech Atopack works with cartridge that has 7ml liquid capacity that offers you an earthly enjoyment for sure. Many colors options are available with a choice to switch different indicator lights.

Atopack Magic Specifications

  • Compatible with 1300mAh battery
  • Ultra low constant output voltage
  • Capacity of liquid 7ml
  • New NCFilm heater instead of coil
  • Easy vaping, just hold the fire button and inhale
  • Changeable light indicators (3 quick clicks, stop then click to change light color)
  • Huge vapor with a compact size kit
  • New technology long life span NCFilm heater
  • Easy to change the cotton first time (We generally suggest changing the cotton after 3 full cartridge e-juice to get the best flavor)
  • The package contains 50 pieces of cotton pad for you
  • Compatible with nicotine slats to product rich flavor and cloud
  • Battery life indicator (stay lit when battery quantity is high)
  • Multi protection function like protection of over-charging, over-current and over-discharging
  • Charging via micro USB port through computer, laptop and charger