Joyetech Riftcore Solo RTA

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Bottom Flow
Top Refilling
Stainless Steel
Liquid Capacity:
Joyetech Riftcore Solo RTA UK

Joyetech Riftcore Solo RTA

Joyetech Riftcore Solo RTA consist of innovative coil less design that bringing a new concept of rebuild-able tanks. It also adopts RFC heater along with molecule heating technology that ensured a long lifespan. It provide you sophisticated building and keep your hands free from countless wires.

Every RFC heaters had passed the safety test from the US laboratory before using in this Solo RTA. Cleaning is very simple remove the cotton and dry burn the RFC heater at 30w for 3 seconds, repeat the dry burn few times until heater is clean also let it cool for 10 seconds between every dry burn.

Riftcore Solo Features

  • Long lifespan with a coil-less design
  • RFC heater tested material
  • Delicate flavor by evenly heating
  • New molecule heating ability
  • Self clean function
  • Bottom airflow system
  • Convenient top refilling system

Package Included

1pc Joyetech solo RTA
1pc Cotton pack
1pc Manual
1pc Warranty card
1pc Warning card
Spare Parts