Vaporesso SKRR Replacement Coils

3pc Vaporesso SKRR Replacement Coils

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Vaporesso SKRR Replacement Coils (3 pieces)

Vaporesso QF Replacement Coils merged from pure cotton and fresh flaxseed plant materials for a long-established duration of time period. Vaposesso QF Replacement comes along with different coil options which contains the following coils

Vaporesso SKRR Specs

  • Coil Resistance
  • QF Meshed 0.18 ohm
  • QF Strip 0.18 ohm
  • QF CCEL 0.5 ohm


Vaporesso QF Coil System - Flax-seed & pure Cotton Wicks
0.18 ohm QF Meshed - Rated for 55-85W
0.18 ohm QF Strip - Rated for 60-90W
0.5 ohm QF CCELL SS316L - Rated for 50-75W
Vaporesso GT Coil Compatible with all