VOOPOO Vmate 200W TC Box Mod

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VOOPOO Vmate 200W TC Box Mod


We are elated to announce the arrival of the VOOPOO VMATE 200W TC Box Mod. If you know anything about the vaping industry, then you know that when it comes to mods, VOOPOO is beyond a solid choice! Between their elite reliability and sleek design, there is a lot to love with all of their mods. Now with this new arrival, you can literally grab the hottest mod in the game! You can thank us later, but now let us briefly discuss what the VOOPOO VMATE is all about. Some of the features here include temperature control, wattage, memory settings, and fire button variations.


One cool aspect of this mod is that the small accents on the side of the mod are interchangeable, which makes room for some serious personalization and customization. Let’s discuss briefly the design here. The VMATE is designed using a zinc alloy that will protect the mod from drops and falls from a reasonable height. We are looking at a weight of 102 grams, and the dimensions are 89MM by 47MM by 30MM. This is the perfect design for a mod that is very easy to use at home or on the go. This ergonomic design of this mod is nothing short of spectacular. All you have to do is press and rip! The batteries are housed in a split chamber which is located on both sides of the mod. There are many color variations available for you, with color schemes ranging from waterfall black to camouflage green.


The VMATE uses basically the same chip that is used in the drag, and it has only been slightly modified because the display is obviously different. The chip that we are discussing of course is a 32 digit Gene. Fan chip. The wattage output range is 5-200W, and the output voltage range is 0-8.5W.


There are a number of safety features to this mod that ensure that you get the optimal experience out of your new VOOPOO device. Some of those include switch timeout, output over-current, overcharge and short circuit protections. The switch time out protection is very important as it will avoid the burning or your atomizer coils and cotton. The output over current protection obviously is key because it will close the output current when the current exceeds the highest limit. Everyone knows why the overcharge protection is so important when it comes to lithium batteries. And finally, the short circuit is equally important as it prevents the circuit from returning when the circuit shortage is detected.

Talk about a mod that has thought of every aspect of your vaping experience.


The Voopoo Vmate 200W TC Box Mod includes:

  • VMATE 200W x1
  • User Manual x1
  • GENE Chip Card x1
  • Warranty Card x1
  • USB Cable x1